12 reasons why your business should hire a professional writer

A writer is as valuable to your business as an attorney, accountant or other professional services provider.

Here are 12 reasons why.

1, A writer can help you write a plan to start and build your business.

2. A writer can help you create content that engages, informs, educates and influences your audiences including:

  • customers or clients,
  • shareholders or investors,
  • current and prospective employees.

3. A writer can help you write:

  • a proposal that that persuades investors to invest in your company,
  • sales copy that attracts customers,
  • case studies that help you market your products and services,
  • a white paper that enhances your reputation as a thought leader and
  • much more.

4. A writer can help you write content that shows why your business stands out from your competition.

5. You can collaborate with a writer on whatever you need written.

That’s because writers offer more than 80 kinds of writing services including:

  • blogs,
  • books,
  • copyediting,
  • corporate histories,
  • landing pages,
  • newsletters,
  • presentations and
  • reports

6. A writer has the skills to work with you on any kind of project.

These skills include:

  • storytelling,
  • listening,
  • questioning,
  • reasoning,
  • explaining,
  • organizing,
  • and more.

7. A writer can save you time.

You have a business to run.

You don’t have time time for writing.

8. A writer can save you money.

Example: A white paper

You could write it.

But it may cost less to hire a writer.

White paper cost:

Project time: 10 hours

Your annual salary equals $100/hour

Cost if you write paper: $1,000.00

A writer charges: $50/hour

Cost if you hire writer: $500.00

You decide to hire the writer.

Your savings: $500.

And that’s for one project.

if you hire the writer for more projects, your savings will increase.

Of course.

This example doesn’t work if you earn less than the writer.

Then you should:

a. ask for a raise or

b. become a writer.

9. A writer can help you in a crisis!

You’re giving a presentation

to 200 people

in 48 hours.

You haven’t had time to work on it!

You hire a writer to help you write your presentation.

Your presentation wows your audience!

10. A writer can improve what you’ve written.


By putting:

  • more pop in your presentation!
  • more sizzle in your sales copy!
  • more bling in your blog!


11. A writer can help you with damage control.

You hire a writer to help you fix problems.

Problems that were created by your not hiring a writer in the first place.

(We’ll pause here while you smack yourself on the side of your head.)

Your writer works with you:

  • to rewrite a proposal that failed to captivate investors or
  • to redo a presentation that bored a business group or
  • to revise an article that a trade publication rejected.

12. A writer can help you in other ways such as:

  • repurposing content,
  • editing content or
  • writing bad jokes.

So there you have it.

12 solid reasons why you should hire a professional writer.

12 solid reasons why your competitors are hiring writers.

So get to it.

Start searching for and hiring writers to help you with your business.


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