Why you need a tenant broker

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To illustrate the value of a commercial real estate broker, let’s talk about apartments for a moment.

As time-consuming as finding an apartment is, the process for seeking one is straightforward. Browse listings across a handful of trusted sites, isolate the apartments with appealing pictures, and contact the person showing the space to make an appointment.

Finding office space is less straightforward. For one, useful pictures of commercial space interiors are pretty scarce. You can find plenty of pictures of the building’s exterior. Maybe even some tantalizing shots of the lobby. But the particular listing you want to see is likely short on pictures. For a number of reasons, landlords hesitate to make them available.

So the same degree of pre-screening you use for apartments doesn’t really apply to office space. You need to rely on good information about the size and condition of the space without actually seeing the space. [Mid-Atlantic Commercial Realty WILL help with this.]

Your best bet for this information is a commercial broker. Knowledgeable brokers can point you in the right direction. [So contact me today azewe@midatlanticccr.com]

Why You Need a Commercial Tenant Broker

As the name suggests, commercial tenant brokers work for you, the business tenant. They can handle every facet of your office space search, from showing you the best matches to negotiating a lease for you.

If you call the phone numbers on the “Space for Rent” signs you see around town, the person who answers likely represents the landlord. Not you. Their interest is in making the landlord happy. Not you. Furthermore, they will assume that if you called them, and you’re not a broker, they know more about commercial real estate than you do. And they would be right.

Getting in touch with a broker, the right broker,  right away can save you some time and bring you that much closer to touring spaces up your alley

NO FEE!!!!

Tenant brokers might make a commission on every deal they close, but it’s not a fee the tenant pays. That honor goes to the landlord. The landlord budgets a commission that is split between his or her agent and the tenant broker. No out-of-pocket broker’s fee for the tenant.

So if you’re looking for a reason not to use a commercial real estate broker, you’re out of luck.

Contact Amy Zewe today for more information, to set up a call, or set up a meeting. Amy@alseata.com or 571-235-3019


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