How effective is your company’s communication?

Clear, concise, and effective communications for both internal office documents as well as customer-facing copy can mean reducing wasted time and costly miscommunications as well as mean the difference between closing or losing the deal.

Writing well at work is an often-overlooked virtue. Job descriptions required “excellent communications skills” and “attention to detail” but often the skills set required for that job, and the expert who may fill is, is not a professional writer—even if superbly qualified for the position.

Errors in office communications such as policies, processes, manuals, and instructions can cause works to lose time and gain frustration.

Errors in copy on website content, email blasts, collateral such as brochures and PPT presentations can undermine credibility and cause lost deals and soured potential customers and clients.

Countless procurement officers have relayed to companies that sending in bids and proposals with spelling and grammar errors, disjointed voicing, lack of alignment to the RFP requirements, and lack of attention to required formatting mean the proposal is discarded–even if that proposal may offered the best services at the best price.

Don’t be left in the waste-paper basket (or recycle bin)!

Hiring or contracting a professional writer to oversee content, generate a unified for the company, and ensure overall correctness is an expenditure with a significant ROI. Whether for your proposals or your website content or social media posts, correctness, clarity, and alignment are keys to engagement with your reader.

Moreover, engaging in employee training that will offer best practices and writing techniques and reminders will also result in a noticeable ROI. General company communications can be vastly improved with proper training sessions for employees—admin staff through management and even C-suite.

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