Is your HR staff drowning in manual tasks and tedious duties, taking away their vital contribution to the business a whole?

HR departments, for any-size company and specifically the small and mid-sized company, are over overburdened with ministerial and manual tasks necessary to keep HR systems, benefit administration, and compliance issues. These tasks take professionals’ time and talent and re-directs it to duties that can and should be automated.

In addition, events such as Open Enrollment,  choosing the best benefit offerings, and even adding in additional perks such as voluntary benefits (that can often be offered to employees at no-cost to the employer) are all strategic decisions that take careful analysis and consideration.

For help with sorting out all HR tasks that can be automated, including choosing the best HCM or HRIS system (or maximizing the system you already have), reducing wasted time, excess costs, and over-worked HR staff, contact Alseata.


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