Is your office space leaking? And I don’t mean the plumbing.

Leaking money in business is a common problem with several contributing factors.  Often times, when a leak occurs, it is un-noticed or ignored. A flood, you remedy—quickly! But, a leak, slow, annoying, and cumulative, often go ignored. Leaking money will affect your bottom line. But where are leaks and how do you efficiently stop them?

One common issue businesses face, and don’t even realize it, is inefficient office space that is not optimal in a variety of terms including price, layout, location, amenities… list goes on.

Work environment is vital for workplace productivity and employee satisfaction. Your office space is one tool to optimize productivity and present a best face forward to effectively engage with clients and customers.

Moreover, when executives and office managers are faced with lease renewals, or the need for new or additional space, it often consumes their time. This takes away from operations and the vital skills these professional have for making their business a success in the first place.

If your office lease is coming due within the next 12-18 mos, contact Alseata for a free lease analysis and needs assessment. We can help you strategize and negotiate your next lease renewal or potential move or additional locations.

Partnered with Premier Brokage Mid Atlantic, you can have experienced representation for your next move.

Representation is available with no out-of-pocket costs to your firm and includes a fiduciary expert who will act in your best interest to negotiate lease terms that are most advantageous for your company. This means everything from market analysis of going rental rates, free-rent conditions, build-out budgets, and more. Included in representation (at no cost) is project management to ensure your space is ready and exactly as expected while you continue to concentrate on your business. And throughout the lease term, as our client, you receive tenant advocacy for the life of your lease so you your company can concentrate growing your business.


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