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Human Resources

Human Resources Consulting services from leveraging IT and automation to Employee Benefits and management.

Human Resources

  • Employee Voluntary Benefits Solutions

Alseata is partnered with LegalShield/IDShield to offer Legal services, Identity protection, and credit monitoring services to families, business, and employee groups. Click Here for more information on how these benefits can benefit your business (and family) contact Alseata for a free consultation.

Click here for plans for your small business. Access to a variety of benefits for companies 1-10 and 11- 100, and beyond.

Click here to offer legal, ID and other peace-of-mind benefits packages to your employees, seamlessly, and at no cost to you or your business. Giving access to voluntary benefits to your employees has been proven to result in increased employee satisfaction (this leads to greater retention and increased productivity). Theses benefits are portable and your employee can keep them even if they leave your firm.

Click here Legal and IDShield for you and your family— perfect for the entrepreneur, a small business under 10 people—bundle and cover your family and your small business.

For additional information and access to various other types of voluntary benefits packages, please contact Alseata via or call 571-306-1186.

Business Development:

Talent is a key asset for most businesses. Acquire and Retain talent and bolster employee satisfaction while cutting costs and increasing efficiencies. Voluntary benefits are one avenue as well as leveraging technology to make benefits and benefits administration easy for all.


Leverage consulting services on the topics of Benefits Providers, BenAdmin automation, HCM/HRIS optimization, and more.

  • Employee Benefits Consulting
  • Human Resources IT System Consulting
  • Talent acquisition consulting