Buds are just starting on the trees that line the park below apartment buildings and offices in Chicago

Commercial Real Estate

Leveraging Real Estate for businesses (and individuals) is part of any organization’s asset portfolio and/or operations costs. With 20 years’ experience in the Real Estate industry (residential and commercial) managing one’s asset and space needs are key part of budgeting and road mapping busines goals and strategic decision-making.

Real Estate

Consulting, Strategy and Representation for leasing and buying commercial property with emphasis on value-added strategy, optimizing market conditions and data, and reducing operational costs. Consultation for downsizing and cost-effective strategies for unused space.

Real Estate Consulting:

Learn how to make strategic decisions in advance based on current needs, unexpected changes, and future goals.


Leverage space-needs to your advantage and reduce waste and cost leakages with a seasoned real estate consultant by your side.