Alseata values education and training as a life-long practice, never to be discounted or overlooked. Keeping one’s self, as well as staff and personnel, working efficiently with the latest knowledge and skillsets requires an investment. Alseata has been developing curriculum and delivering training online and in person to working adults for over 20 years. Staying abreast of the latest innovations and educational findings for teaching and learning objectives, Alseata’s training and consulting services is an investment well made.


  • Technical and certification training programs
  • Soft skills—admin
  • Communication and leadership trainings
  • Custom Curriculum Development
  • Online, instructor led, or hybrid delivery options

Training Needs Assessments and Delivery:

Topics vary and can include off-the-shelf training materials or customization to meet an industry’s specific need.


Identify business goals and staff assets as well as compliance requirements to develop a training protocol that leads directly to success.